Feedback from people who have trusted us

Perfect Match International is the best agency I have been registered with so far.
In previous places there was always something wrong, and it was that I was offered people with whom we had different passions and interests, and again ones with completely different priorities and views.
Perfect Match has found me ‘Mr Right’ and from the bottom of my heart I thank all the staff for their input and commitment to my personal happiness. Regards.
Katarzyna from Tricity
The people employed by this agency are not random and are well versed in matching missing halves.
Never before has a relationship with another person been so easy for me and almost free of compromise because of perfect compatibility.
Thank you so much for making me want to live again and having someone to live for.
Kamila from London
I met my current wife as my third profile match and our wedding anniversary is coming up soon.
I dread to think what would have happened if I had never registered on this site.
My warmest thanks to the whole team of professional ‘cupids’.
Darren from Hanover
I am happy to let you know that I got engaged to a girl I met thanks to you.
Your professionalism and the time you took made her beautifully colour my so far black and white life.
My warmest greetings and many thanks.
Łukasz from Lublin


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